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Types of Car Hire Guide

Firefly offers a variety of vehicles, so when hiring a car, be clear about your needs. Firefly online booking engine gives you the opportunity to have a good look at different types of cars on offer, so you can choose the best hire car for you and your family.

When choosing your hire car bear in mind those few following tips:

  • Consider the types of locations and terrain that you may encounter during your trip. If you are planning to staying in more urban areas, the best car hire option would be a small vehicle which is easy to park. On the other hand, if you plan to drive in more open space you may consider hiring bigger and more suitable car for you and your family.

  • When deciding which vehicle to take consider also the number of participants and luggage that you plan to take on your journey, as some of Firefly car hires have limited space. If for example you are planning your holidays in a winter recourse, you should hire a car that is able to fit all the additional equipment (such as skis, snowboards etc.) that you may be taking with you.

  • The weather and seasons plays also a crucial role in your decision making process. Your car hire should be picked according to expected weather conditions.

  • If you are travelling with children you need to remember to hire a car that can accommodate child seats or boosters.

  • Budget also pays a major role in your decision, so before booking check all the available car hire options and pick the one that you can afford.

  • Another factor might simply your habit – what kind of car hire do you enjoy to drive and which one is easy for you when it comes to parking?

  • Car hire may also be a totally new experience for you, in that case this could be a great opportunity to hire a car for few days or weeks that otherwise you could not afford to own and that you always dreamed of driving.

Firefly offers a range of vehicles, which are divided into certain categories. For more information visit our Firefly Vehicle Guide