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Firefly Car Hire Guide

This comprehensive car hire guide will help you go through the renting process and your journey safe and sound.

    Before booking:
  • Make sure that the vehicle you have chosen satisfies your needs (Please take a look at our Firefly Car Hire Vehicle Guide)
  • Check what is included in the quote and make sure that your read Terms and Conditions
  • Secure on your credit card extra amount of money that will cover the security deposit
    Before you leave home, make sure you have:
  • Rental confirmation number, including contact details of your rental location
  • Valid Driving License
  • Credit card with Visa or MasterCard/EuroCard logo
  • Passport or ID (for EU citizens)
    When picking up your car at the location counter:
  • Produce your rental confirmation number, means of payment, driving license
  • Read the rental agreement carefully
  • Ask at the counter about local laws e.g. speeding, parking restrictions, geographic restrictions, road tolls, use of child restrains, use of mobile phones, documentation required, fuel policy if applicable
    Before leaving Firefly location:
  • Carefully check inside and out for any damage and notify the rental agent
  • Check if all purchased options have been supplied
  • Get details from Firefly representative regarding emergency road assistance
    During your trip:
  • Make sure you know where your going and how to reach your destination – ask rental agent for directions or better still, "rent a GPS" for your journey before setting off
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for your trip
  • If car trouble is experienced, lock the doors and turn on hazard lights before calling for road assistance – your agent should supply you with all the emergency numbers
  • Do not stop along the road and ask for directions from just anyone and do not pick up hitch-hikers under any circumstances
  • Park in well-lit, open areas as close to your destination as possible
  • Be aware of the thieves – do not storage luggage or valuables such as passport, airline tickets, jewellery in your vehicle. If you must, make sure they are not visible when you leave the car
    When returning the vehicle:
  • Remove all your possessions from the vehicle
  • Check inside and outside for damage and get this verified by rental agent
  • Make sure that the Firefly representative signs off the drop-off